Explanation woodtypes

Spruce wood

Spruce wood has a very pale to whitish yellow colour; with either fine or large grains. After long exposure to light, the wood’s colour turns to yellow-brown. It should best immediately be treated it with a garden oil or colour stain of your choice. This will of course largely increase the wood’s life. We only use Northern European spruce wood.


Natural Saltgreen
Natural Cosy Grey
Impregnated spruce wood

Impregnated spruce wood is preserved wood. Contrary to natural spruce wood, impregnated wood has a longer life. It is important that the wood is left to dry for 6 to 8 months before treatment because the impregnating agent has to evaporate. You can choose Salt Green or Cosy Grey impregnation.


Salt Green becomes greenish brown, and ultimately the colour will be dark grey. Cosy Grey (sand grey) becomes greyish green, and ultimately the colour will be pale grey.


Red Cedar

Red Cedar is a softwood from the Canadian and Northern American west coast. This wood is known for its large colour diversity: from pale yellow-brown and pinkish brown, to salmon pink. The darker coloured wood is usually to be found in the middle part of the trunk, while the paler wood is taken from the outer parts. However, both have the same quality. Red Cedar is soft, but very durable and is therefore used for garden houses. Cedar can be left untreated and if so, it will become grey over time. Because this wood type has little movement, the stain that you choose to apply, will adhere well which will result in an extremely long life of this wood.



We only use French oak with CFS certificate / certified by sustainable forest management. Oak has a robust, yet elegant and authentic appearance. Finished off with a natural oil, the colour shades truly come to life. When left untreated, oak gets more dimension in the course of time and turns grey in a natural way.


Thermo spruce
Thermo spruce

Thermally modified spruce. Thermal modification gives spruce excellent weather resistance and durability, as well as a naturally beautiful light-golden tone.




The tropical species Padouk has a characteristic bright red color, which however turns gray very quickly. It is a very durable wood, which does not require any preservative treatment: it is therefore an economical and ecological material.



thermo Ayous
Thermo ayous

Thermo ayous is a cheaper alternative to tropical hardwood. By exposing the wood to prolonged heat in special ovens, its cellular structure changes and its sustainability grade increases. The wood is heated using steam without the use of chemical substances. This enables the wood to better resist rough weather, insects, and moulds. Thermo ayous can but does not need to be stained. The untreated wood will turn grey in time, just like other wood types.

Why choose for thermos ayous?

  • A warm, natural colour
  • Cheaper than hardwood
  • High sustainability grade
  • Does not warp thanks to thermal conservation
  • Very resistant to moisture, moulds, and insects
  • Long life-span, approximately 20 years
  • Easy to maintain

Available in small and wide version, with horizontal or vertical boards.


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