Privacy and Cookie Policy

I. In general

This page was last updated on May 30th, 2017.

Mr. Yvan Christiaens respects the privacy of all users of his website and guarantees that their personal information shall be kept confidential.

This Policy regards both the processing of personal data, and the use of cookies.

This Policy applies to the services provided by Mr. Christiaens. However, Mr. Christiaens shall not be held liable for the Policy of other websites and sources.  By visiting Mr. Christiaens’ website, you acknowledge and accept this Policy to its full extent.

II. Contact

Mr. Yvan Christiaens
Neerbeekstraat 23
8572 Kaster (B)
Phone +32 56 77 45 02
Fax +32 56 77 47 52
BE 0770 017 276

III. Privacy Policy

III.1. Personal data

The data you provide us with, is mainly the data on the registration form, and on the contact form on the website. Data is also automatically collected through cookies.

III.2. More efficient use of our services

When you visit our website, place an order in the online shop, ask a question by sending us the contact form, etc. you are asked to provide personal data. This data  is amongst others used for a perfect implementation of the services, and to guarantee a proper functioning of the website and online shop. The data is stored on a secured server of Mr. Christiaens, or that of a third party.

The personal data is collected with the objective to:

  • provide the various services offered on the website;
  • take measures to verify the personal data of website users upon registration by means of a userID and password;
  • conduct market research to improve the quality of the services;
  • invoice purchase and/or delivery of products and services;
  • provide information and make offers to website users.

Mr. Christiaens guarantees that fundamentally only the personal data is processed that is required for every specific objective of the processing. Basically, only the minimum of required data for each objective is collected and stored. The information shall not be used for any other objective than those described in this Policy, unless approval was given.

III.3. Thirds

The data can be passed to thirds, such as amongst others bvba Kryanwood with registered office in  8572 Kaster (B), Neerbeekstraat 23 and bvba Multiwood with registered office in 8572 Kaster (B), Waterlostraat 1, which can be considered as affiliated companies of Mr. Yvan Christiaens. This data transfer is required to guarantee a perfect service.

The protection of personal data guaranteed by Mr. Christiaens will also be guaranteed by these thirds, to the same extent.

III.4. Duration of storage

All personal data is stored for a period of time that allows the delivery of services and/or products to be executed.

III.5. Access, correction and removal

The user is entitled to get free access to his personal data at any time. He can request to correct, modify or remove his data, by sending an email or letter to Mr. Christiaens’ address, as given above, provided enclosure of a copy of the user’s ID-card or passport.

The user is completely free in his decision not to provide his/her personal data, or to request for its removal. This can, however, result in refusal of particular services in case Mr. Christiaens has not been given the required personal data.  

The user is solely responsible for the accuracy of the data he provides.

III.6. Security and confidentiality

Mr. Christiaens has taken enough measures that are adjusted to technical or organisational level, to avoid annulment, loss, forgery, modification, unauthorised access or accidental disclosure to thirds, as well as any other unauthorised processing of the personal data.

Therefore, Mr. Christiaens can in no case be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from a wrong or illegal use of the personal data by a third.

Particular links or references on the website of Mr. Christiaens to other sites are not controlled, nor managed by Mr. Christaens so  the current Policy shall not apply to these other websites.

III.7. Complaints

Every user is entitled to file complaints with the supervising authority (in Belgium: the Privacy Commission with registered office in 1000 Brussel (B), Drukpersstraat 35).

IV. Cookie Policy

IV.1. In General

The stipulations of the above Privacy Policy are also fully applicable on the cookies that process the personal data.

This website uses cookies. A cookie is usually a small text file, sent along with pages of this website and stored on your computer’s hard disc by your browser. Upon a next visit to our website, the thus stored information can be sent back to our servers, so not only a perfect functioning of the website is guaranteed , but a better service can be offered at the same time.

IV.2. Information per cookie type

Permanent cookies:
By using permanent cookies the user can be recognized upon a next website visit. Therefore the website can be set to the specific preferences of the user. Also when the user accepted the cookies, this can be retained by means of a cookie. This way the user is not obliged to repeat his preferences so he can save time. Permanent cookies can be removed through the settings of the user’s browser.

Session cookies:
Session cookies are used to check which website parts the user visited. This enables maximal adjustment of the services to the surfing behaviour of users, so a perfect and nice use of the website can be guaranteed. Session cookies are automatically removed when the web browser is closed.

Functional cookies:
These cookies enable the functioning of the website or online shop. For instance cookies that retain login data, language preferences, etc.

Analytics cookies:
A Google cookie is placed via the website, as part of the Analytics service. This service verifies how people use the website. Google can provide this information to thirds if Google is legally obliged to do so, or insofar thirds process that information on behalf of Google. Mr. Christiaens has no influence on this. Furthermore, we refer to Google’s Privacy Policy (https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy) .

IV.3. Which cookies does this website use and which data are stored?

The website uses the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Mylivechat.com
  • Pop-up cookie
    • objective: allows the user to get – within a 1-hour interval – a pop-up screen every time he visits the website in order to get quicker access to promotions, products, etc.
    • term: 1 hour
  • Social Sharing via facebook
    • objective: allows the user to share particular promotions, products, etc. on Facebook.
    • term: one browser session
  • Youtube
  • Cart cookie
    • objective: to promote convenience of selecting and purchasing products in the online shop.
    • term: 1 hour

IV.4. Control and removal of cookies

Upon the first website visit you can choose to whether or not accept cookies. Click on the banner on the lower part of the website (click ‘accept cookies’).

Information on the activation and deactivation of cookies, and the removal thereof can also be retrieved by using the Help function of the used web browser.

Take into account that the non-acceptance or the removal of cookies can result in less accessibility or malfunctioning of certain functions of the website.

Finally, you can choose to disactivate the cookies by clicking ‘no longer accept cookies’.